Lower Bacherlor 1 passing grade to 5.5

For all the Bachelor 1 Psychology students that are going through a rough period and having to deal with the consequences of COVID-19.

We have experienced a major change in the curriculum that has benefitted us only shortly but influences us negatively now, this has resulted in two exams becoming low-stakes and one exam is canceled. This resulted in an immense amount of pressure because we all have to resit the exams plus the ones that were delayed/experienced problems, within a short period of time.

The burden of this lies heavy on students who have been working extremely hard during this academic year. Many of us struggle and experience burn-out symptoms, which can affect our performance next year. We, therefore, ask Erasmus to be compassionate and take into consideration that multiple resits during one month will not have a good outcome on our study results. We want the average grade of 6 to be lowered to a 5.5, to fit the circumstances of which we are in right now. 

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