Facebook must change !

We, users of Facebook bump into problems.

We want to have the ability to contact the organisation of Facebook.

Alas, until now this has not been possible. As Facebook users we want to achieve a serious acceptance of our complaints.

If we have complaints we are being referred to a forum to complain to each other, but we have the feeling that the Facebook organisation is not listening at all.

We find there is also no (or very little) reaction to our complaints.

We want to have an interactive contact with the organisation of Facebook!

For Facebook users it is obvious that there is not enough service, we wish to see changes for the better.

We support this petition because we want our complaints to be taken seriously.

We want a reply to our complaints.

We want to have contact with the Facebook organisation.

Be signing this petition I declare to recognize myself in the aforementioned problem.

If you agree with what we want, join us in our action and sign the petition.

With kind regards, user of Facebook.