Support Foundation of Donkey Sanctuary on Saint Eustatius

One year ago, the ministery of LVV has captured the wild donkeys on Saint Eustatius and has put them into a compound (approx. 7.5 hectares) because of the caused inconvenience.

The situation already led to the starvation of 80 donkeys and the death of 18 donkeys. Despite of the opinions of expert organisations, the animals do not have any protection against the bright sun nor daily water supply. Last year, even more donkeys were added, some of the emasculated donkeys disappeared. Nobody knows what has happened with them.

All donkeys were transferred to a smaller compound with some vegetation (about 1.5 hectares). LVV does not give any information about their faith or what they intend to do with them. They promised to deliver a plan to provide permanent water supply.

The ‘Greenfound Foundation’ (non-for-profit), established on Saint Eustatius, uses every effort to maintain the wellbeing of the 64 still living donkeys (counted February 18th 2013) and prevent inconvenience. Greenfound Foundation’s goal is to found a donkey sanctuary for the approx. 150 donkeys on the isle. The foundation has asked LVV to be part of the coordination of the care of the donkeys. Unfortunately, LVV is not willing to cooperate in any way. Meanwhile, Greenfound Foundation has also involved Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire and Donkey Sanctuary UK, who both are experienced donkey caretakers, to use their expertise and experience.

Questions have been asked to the Dutch House of Representatives. But again: no action from the government. This results in more donkeys dying every day.

Dead donkey

I am appalled by the fact that the government of a civilised country such as the Netherlands, willingly and knowingly abuses the donkeys on Saint Eustatius by denying them enough water, food, medical care and protection against the sun.

Besides, the law to prevent this from happening, is not beiing followed.

Something has to be done! Well-considered and in an animal friendly way. That is why I believe that the government has to let the Greenfound Foundation coordinate the care of the donkeys and has to support the foundation of a donkey sanctuary. This can be done by accepting the expertise and experience of Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire and by undertaking the financial support for the founding of a donkey sanctuary.

More information:!/SaveTheStatiaDonkeys?fref=ts