Stop checking till lindemann

Once again there were some journalists hiding in the afterparty undercover.This must stop the research is done. So I find that the controls on afterparty's Also have to stop and still the articles.He is also a man and a human being who deserves peace. And not having to be checked all the time, this has to stop. If you also want Till Lindemann to be treated like everyone else, vote here. Please.Then I will make sure that I insist on this to the media because it has to stop. It is not human to constantly have to look around your shoulders to see that someone is photographing you with bad intentions.. Favored sewer journalism Thank you for your support...e12e63226c40db490b0eb7f68e178b64.1000x1000x1_.png

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Door te ondertekenen, machtig ik Stefan (radio69belgium) om de informatie die ik op dit formulier verstrek, over te dragen aan degenen die macht hebben over deze kwestie.


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We zullen uw e-mailadres niet openbaar online weergeven.

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