Situatie Sorbonnelaan

The situation at the Sorbonnelaan is in urgent need of improvement. Problems we face include:

1. Unfinished driveway

2. Parking in mud

3. Common areas occupied by people not living in our buildings 

4. 24 hour line: people are not friendly and don't help you. If we face PLaza with the problem they reply that it is outsourced

5. No help after 5 pm, for this reason

6. Generators are not eco-friendly

7. Generators cause noise nuisance 

8. Insufficient heating: Airco instead of heating, up to 23 degrees, where the room doesn't even get to 23 degrees

9. Hot water runs out within 1 shower, in less than 10 minutes

10. Mattresses are made of plastic and give back pain, while we pay rent for furniture

11. Noisy studios with plastic walls

12. No value for money: high rent, bad service

13. If washingmachine does not work, we do not get help, because it is "outsourced"

We are demanding an official response back from Plaza immediately, with clear-cut solutions to the problems we face.

The tenants

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Door te ondertekenen, machtig ik Sharista Panday om de informatie die ik op dit formulier verstrek, over te dragen aan degenen die macht hebben over deze kwestie.


We zullen uw e-mailadres niet openbaar online weergeven.

We zullen uw e-mailadres niet openbaar online weergeven.

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