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0CDAA8A2-4F33-4501-AB38-26D935A89711.jpegHello shadowfans, we need your help!

We think everyone is agreed the ending of shadowhunters sucks. Jace and clary deserve so much more. That's why we gonna start a petition to give them at least a final season. The makers of shadowhunters have a whole new storyline for jace and clary. Soshadowhunters all over the world, sine this petition. We are gonna need a lot of signatures from all the fans over this world to pressure netflix. We have to try this en give it a chance, so please sine the petition at the link below.

save shadowhunters!!!!!! 


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Door te ondertekenen, machtig ik Gudrun horemans/ saveshadowhunters om de informatie die ik op dit formulier verstrek, over te dragen aan degenen die macht hebben over deze kwestie.


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