Maastricht University Mensa

Dear FHML Student, Staff and to whom it may concern,

Are you unsatisfied with the prices of the products offered at the Mensa? Do you feel you should get more for your money's worth at the catering facilities? Make your voice heard through this petition created by the Faculty Council-members of FHML and FPN, and let us work for you to get a better catering service!

This joint effort by Maastricht's two largest Student Representation Organisations aims to provide a better price/quality range of products to lower the financial burden on students. Food and drinks can be great assets to promote an healthy atmosphere and relax students in between cramming sessions. We feel that the current caterer does not cater (no pun intended) to our needs, as we feel prices are too high for products offered.

Your information will not be shared nor sold to third parties, and is used for internal use in the UM Faculty / University Councils only. 

Kind regards,
Mariska Machiels
Member of the FHML Faculty Council