Extra resit Pre-Master TiSEM class of 20/21

We would like to request an extra resit opportunity for students who followed the Pre-Master program of TiSEM during Corona pandemic (20/21).

The following reasons we would like the University of Tilburg to consider:

- No physical facilities provided by the Tilburg University. Because of this, often the only place to study was most likely at home (considering roommates, kids and other family situations). Which is really a lot more distracting and noisier than studying at the campus. 

- Limited contact with the professors.

- No interaction with classmates, responsive/interactive questions can mostly not be asked since you cannot debate with each other online.

- Students who are personally affected by the Corona virus.

- Some exams are completely different from previous years, with no practice exams due to online nature of the test. As example statistics for pre-master. 

- Since the tests are online calculations are not graded, these were graded in previous years.

- Hard lockdown during the resits, which requires only online tests.

- Mental issues of students due to corona.

- No contact with fellow students in order to be able to study together.

Pre-Master students allegedly had the chance to follow one Pre-Master subject besides their master program, due to corona. 

All these factors make the Pre-Master more difficult and less enjoyable for students who already face some major issues due to Corona. Therefore, we would like the board to reconsider the possibility of an extra resit for students of this specific Pre-Master semester. 

Zoals minister president Mark Rutte zei: "wees lief voor elkaar, kijk een beetje naar elkaar om". 

Kind regards,

Students of the TiSEM Pre-Master program 20/21

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