Save shadowhunters



The ending was a goddamm disgrace not to mention the biggest F You! to the Clace fans

Alyson Lowrie (Glasgow, 2022-06-06)


I love SHADOWHUNTERS alot. #ClaceForever

Sunny Kumar (Patna, 2022-06-06)


I love Shadowhunters so much 💓💓💓❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Please save it 🍀🍀🙏🏻🙏🏻💓💓

Birgit Wolff (76870 Kandel , 2022-06-06)


Het is een tv show wat nooit op deze manier had mogen eindigen

Bianca Van Beers (Ijsselstein utrecht, 2022-06-06)


I’m signing this because the ending for Jace and Clary sucked! Clary and Jace deserves so much more. There is still so much story left to tell here and ALL the cast wanted to keep telling it. They have ALL said they would come back. Bring them back to keep telling this amazing story! We all will watch it, so tell it!

Cynthia Webb (Montgomery City, 2022-06-06)


Best show ever

Valaine Dirks (Bergen, 2022-06-06)


I think this programme should come back as it is one of the best made and now has much more of a fan base. We need a proper ending for clary and jace and we as shadowhunters fans love these characters and we wany more of them.

Ian Maddocks (Prenton Merseyside , 2022-06-06)


It was an amazing series that I looked forward to each season. Great representation! I can't get enough of Shadowhunters!

Andrew Clarke (Melbourne, 2022-06-06)


I want a Happy End for clace

Nicole Nadler (Kelheim , 2022-06-06)


Shadowhunters deserve a final season, all over Jace and Clary

Tiziana Priolo (Rome, 2022-06-06)


I want shadowhunters back with more seasons and development for each of the characters

Melaina Cruz (Bradley , 2022-06-06)


I love this show

Meggie Banewood (Opole, 2022-06-07)


Because the show and series is amazing and I feel there wasn't a justified end to the show I feel like evreyone else had a good end but jaxe and clary and the need to finish the story like the books.

Megan Stolz Stolz (Loganville , 2022-06-07)


Shadowhunters mérite une meilleure fin aussi bien pour jace et clary que pour Magnus et Alec ou même Simon et isabelle et d'autres .. il y'a tellement de choses possible

Severine Musy (Nord, 2022-06-07)


Y'all need to bring this show back!!

Sarah Kerr (Guthrie, 2022-06-07)


I'm signing because this show needs bringing back. It's fab

Sharon Yates (Coventry, 2022-06-07)


I'm signing because I think shadowhunter had a bad ending it should be so muck more!

Alma Hiekkanen (Skövde, 2022-06-07)


Je veux une vraie fin et profiter du couplé clace

Sandrine Eve (Les s ables d olonne, 2022-06-07)


Shadowhunters has slot of potential and has many mystery's to unravel

Lisa Edmunds (Caerphilly, 2022-06-07)


Je signe parce que cette série mérite une véritable fin digne de ce nom.

Adélaïde Collet (SAVENAY, 2022-06-08)


I love this show, 3 seasons just wasn't enough.

Javiera Manriquez (Oviedo, 2022-06-08)


i loved shadow hunters and want to see what happens when Clair left bicous she was no angel Anny more is she comming back and what about Simon?

jacinta Ignacio Ignacio (Arnhem, 2022-06-08)


I’m signing this petition because the story needs to be told and completed. This show brought us into their family. It gave us hope, joy, despair, and gratitude. The actors made us believe and want more. Please allow us to receive it. You won’t be disappointed.

Marjorie Redd-Gray (FPO, 2022-06-08)


There needs to be more seasons of shadow hunters ! This show was amazing and jace and clary deserve and better and happy ending than what they got ! Left it in such a bug cliff hanger to not add any more season.

Abigail Nichols (Heflin , 2022-06-08)


Nous voulons une meilleure fin pour clary et jace ❤❤
de plus ce spectacle mérite beaucoup plus que 3 saisons.

Sandra Rimbert (Saint-Michel-d'Euzet, 2022-06-08)



Shara Baudoin (Houma, 2022-06-08)


Shadowhunters must come backand give us a follow up on the live they have,
We all need the closure and the further follow up as we devoded our lives, on watching caring for them as a family..
It's my escape thru tough times in my life and Ik watch it again and again love this show soooo much

Helen Enzo (Almere, 2022-06-08)


Save Shadowhunters

Maria Karnasioti (Corinth, 2022-06-08)


We need the next chapter in clase's story!!!

katie tippett (Gloucester , 2022-06-09)


I absolutely love the shadow hunters and I was very upset that there wasn't more seasons. This show is amazing!

Renee Faulkner (Toowoomba, 2022-06-09)


J adore cette série

Nollet Vanessa (Chartre, 2022-06-09)



Daniel Stępień (Warsaw, 2022-06-09)


I'm signing because I love this show and I think it would continue.

Angel Miller (Olympia Washington , 2022-06-09)


Jace and Clary deserve a happy ending. The end we saw was worth a fart.

Kristýna Pekárková (Kroměříž, 2022-06-09)


Nagyon szeretem a sorozatot. És szeretném ha lenne folytatása.

Krisztina Báló (Szeged , 2022-06-09)


I want to see more of Shadowhunters, how they fight, the love between Simon and Izzy, Alec and Magnus

Irmelin Borring (Mexico City, 2022-06-09)


I loved the series and it was a travesty that it was cancelled before the whole story could be properly addressed

Helen Brits (Feltham , 2022-06-09)


I love shadowhunters and i would love to see other čas Sandra stories and characters...

Denisa Juranova (Košice - Nad jazerom, 2022-06-09)


The show feels incomplete

Christina Lee Krishnan (Johanensburg , 2022-06-09)


Love clary and jace and shadowhunters

Carol Colohan (Galway, 2022-06-09)


Honestly one of the best shows ever, the fact that there is still petitions to get the show back on air should be indicative of the strong following for the show.

Jana Ehrke (Johannesburg , 2022-06-10)


It’s the best show in the world & Clace is the best couple ever that deserves more seasons and a better ending.

Vas Salmeri (Sydney , 2022-06-10)


I watched the series a few days ago and I loved it to the point of becoming my favorite series, I need other seasons, I can't think of anything else, I think the series deserves another season, in the fans we deserve another season!!

Evelyn kauany Santos (Sergipe , 2022-06-10)


I want there to be a proper ending with Clace and also Clary and Isabel becoming parabati xxx

Christine Shepherdson (Ne Lincs, 2022-06-10)


Clace need a beter end

Mariëlle Meulenbroek (Winterswijk, 2022-06-11)


I love shadowhunter en watched it serveral times it must go on !

Sharon Bloes (Oudenburg, 2022-06-11)


I love shadowhunters the tv series and needs to come back were clary gets her momory back and goes to the shadow world and jace and her friends

Ruth Peck (Eden, 2022-06-11)


I'm Signing this petition bc I love the shadow hunters and they need to have more to show then what they showed it was so goof but leaves u on a cliff hanger like we want more plz give us more of the shadow hunters please

Mya Boyd (Romulus , 2022-06-12)


I love watching shadowhunters it's a great start show

David Spink (Scotland , 2022-06-12)



Kristina Duspara (Mengkofen, 2022-06-12)


I want them to resume the series from the end because I need CLACE to have another end

Mariaglis Peña (Maracaibo, 2022-06-12)


This was and is the best series ever

Michaela Tobler (Breitenbrunn am Neusiedler See, 2022-06-12)


We deserve justice for Clace

Heather Williams (Clarion , 2022-06-12)


I love the shadowhunters I was so disappointed that it end and was so mad how it ended

Krystal Jalbert (Cambridge , 2022-06-13)


I'm signing this because this show has meant so much to me, this past year was really rough for me and watching this show saved my life. I would love to see these beautiful characters brought back to life.

Serenity Obringer (Greenfield, 2022-06-13)


I love shadowhunters it's a beautyfull

Djouna Mahotiere (Leogane , 2022-06-13)


I'm signing because, the last season was very good and I think the show and the characters needs a proper ending that they all deserves especially clary and jace. Also, I miss the shadowhunters character so much!!!!! 💗

jackie ganoy (Bacolod City, 2022-06-14)



Ly6 Hosley (Lakewood WA , 2022-06-15)


I love the Shadowhunters

Rebecca Vos (renkum, 2022-06-15)


I want to see more of a show and get to see the ending the audience and characters deserve

Sage Kelly (Murray bridge, 2022-06-16)


Because Clary and Jace need better end, we need better end..

Sirma Nikolova (София, 2022-06-17)


Save shadowhunters I love this show please bring it back

Amanda Sampson (Nocona tx, 2022-06-19)


Because a world without shadowhunters, is just sad 🥺

Christina Villebæk (Kolding, 2022-06-19)


I love shadow hunters

Samara Franklin (Conway, 2022-06-24)


I love Shadowhunters! Bring it back!

Krystal Gray (Benbrook , 2022-06-25)


We need New Chapters.
We don't descreve tais ending.
Clary and Jace need anotar ending.

Erica Araújo (Morpará Bahia, 2022-06-29)


I miss the show and love it so much. All characters need a better ending

Lindsay Berg (Surrey, 2022-07-05)


I Love Shadowhunters and i wanna see a beautiful ending for clary and jace!!!

Clarissa Fantini (Torino , 2022-07-07)


Shadowhunters hasta el fin ❤ los amamos
Aun no puede ser el fin

Carolina Ramírez (Medellin , 2022-07-08)


I'm signing because I love this show too much! It had changed my life and made me who I am, Clace mean a lot to me and are my favourite couple of all time and want to see a happy ending other than having to imagine it where all the other couples are happy.

Lucy Edwards (Dudley, 2022-07-08)


Amazing show, and know there's a lot more twists and turns to come yet xx

Lisa Edmunds (Caerphilly, 2022-07-10)


I love it

Konstantina Ioannou (Kavala , 2022-07-10)


Great show. Loyal followers

Tina Hart (Longwood , 2022-07-12)


Im signing because I love the series

April Grayboff (Anchorage , 2022-07-15)


I'm signing because I love this show and clary deserves to be happy with Jace

Huls Michele (Jackson, 2022-07-15)


Awesome show

Kristy Dhungel (Prague, 2022-07-16)


I think the ending to the show was horrible. There was so much potential to carry the series on with the books having so many other options.

Isabella Smith (Andergrove, 2022-07-17)


This needs to happen

Annabelle Lowe (Telford, 2022-07-20)

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