Op locatie tentamens maken kan, maar niet veilig



I think it is irresponsible to put so many people in one room.
(Mutation of Virus - infectiousness; many different places from NL and DE etc)

Alexandra Volckmer (Dülmen , )


A physical exam poses a risk to all students and puts pressure on exposing them to infection.

Layla Islam (Enschede, )


I am also studying at the UT and I agree with the fact that the physical exams risk students health.

Jona Sabrina Kunert (Hengelo, )


Ik wil niet m’n gezondheid riskeren voor een tentamen. Vooral omdat ik in een risico groep val.

Jaimy De kok (Enschede, )


I just dont feel comfortable doing exams in the current system, and am done being ignored

Tjalling Hoogendoorn (Emschede, )


I'm signing because as an exchange student I had to fly from Italy to the Netherlands in the middle of the pandemic while the new cases in the Netherlands were about 10.000 per day.

Marianna Parenti (Bologna, )


Even though I do not currently live so far away from uni, I still find it very irresponsible to sit about 100 people in a room just for an exam, if we could also just do open book exams online, which would be much safer for everyone's health.

Anna Richter (Gronau, )


I think on-campus exams are not safe with this environemnt where we are all taking the lessons online and the mutant virus is even more contagious.

Ardahan Özaslan (Enschede, )


Cuz hell nawwwww

Rish K (Enschede, )


Ik ben student

Isah Hop (Zwolle, )



Lukas Bär (Erfurt, )


Great press for UT :D

Caro Schnittzer (Homburg, )


Most irresponsible University in the netherlands

Nina Belke (Amsterdam, )


I want to choose what risk I take and be able to protect my sick family members

Hanna Boeckenhoff (Enschede , )


In terms of safety and effective grading, the pandemic situation significantly and negatively impact on the students performance at the exams.

Vinicius Teixeira Carcavallo (Ensche, )


Im signing because in person appearances are an unnecessary risk and cause students extreme amounts of stress during the pandemic

Jan Behrens (Enschede, )


Dit s erg belangrijk voor Haven

Marja Moorman-Bos (Den Haag, )

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