UNITED FOR HOUSING - Een open brief van huurders



I'm signing it because I don't have enough money to pay for the rent for the next months if the crisis still continues.

Yen Nguyen (Bruxelles, 2020-03-19)


I'm signing because we need common solidarity in these trying times.

Aleksi Paalimäki (Rovaniemi, 2020-03-19)


In support for people that cannot afford rents due to unvoluntary unemeployement because of the coronavirus outbreak adn its implications on. Its also common sense to show solidarity to people in difficulty.

Alvaro Defalque (Genappe, 2020-03-19)


It’s existential to maintain stable living for people also to stabilise political situations

Felix Egle (Berlin, 2020-03-19)


es unverantwortlich ist die miete zu zahlen, wenn kaum noch jemand arbeit hat

Madeleine kerber (dierksstrasse, 2020-03-19)


This crisis has to be shouldered by everyone!

Valentin Hillen (Brussels, 2020-03-19)


The right to housing should be practiced and enjoyed by everyone, not just those who have annual salaries.

Gabriela Landeros (Brussels, 2020-03-19)


je n'ai plus de salaire et je ne sais pas comment payer mon loyer.

Léa Fehrenbach (Bruxelles, 2020-03-19)


I was forced to go back to home country because of my internship was canceled, and my landlord in Brussels still ask me to pay my rent for the next 2 months, and he is not willing to restrict my contract.

Elli Karttunen (Tampere, 2020-03-19)


My country declared business owner would not have to pay rent but what about all of us who cant work who wont get any financial compensation ? Are we supposed to magically summon our rent from thin air?

Ines Malonne (Brussels, 2020-03-19)


Workers are the most impacted but also the ones that can loose everything in such a short period.

Carol-Anne Telenis (Montreal, 2020-03-19)


I’m signing this because I believe there should be a type of financial support for renters like there is for home owners. I hope land lords will take in to consideration of prorating monthly rent for the next 2-3 months or until the quarantine is lifted.

Jessica Arce (Las Vegas, 2020-03-19)


I just moved in into an apartment that is a little bit more expensive than usual and I usually make just enough for this rent + charges + small groceries. Working as a student, I don't have access to minimal funds to protect me, yet i still have the same amount of money to pay but I don't have any income whatsoever.

Adriana de Chavagnac (Brussels, 2020-03-19)


To support people who are having a hard time to pay their rents due to the current epidemic.

Çağrı Tuzcuoğlu (Brussels, 2020-03-20)


If there's a crisis it has to be a brake for everyone. Having someone making profit at the expenses of people struggling is an injustice. Property owners they need to e responsible to the human kind.

Tommaso Eynard (Brussels, 2020-03-20)


i lost work due to coronavirus. i work in a restaurant with a 0hour contract, cause im a student and couldnt work full time.

Anique Greijmans (utrecht, 2020-03-20)


My partner and were both Food Bev services workers, we have been hit very hard with the shutdown.

Kimberly Christopher (Las Vegas, 2020-03-20)


I work in horeca sector and I have no incomes trough the coronavirus crisis.

Arturo López Ortega (Antwerpen, 2020-03-20)


Housing is essential for everyone and we need to stand together to overcome this crisis.

Clarissa Kees (Brussels, 2020-03-20)


I believe in solidarity

Laura Gafforio (Brussels, 2020-03-20)


Je signe car je travaille dans l’horeca en job étudiant et je n’ai actuellement plus de revenu en vue des mesures strictes de confinement. Je suis donc dans l’incapacité de payer mon loyer.

Elise Eveno (Bruxelles , 2020-03-20)


I live alone in a studio in brussels where I study and work, but during this crisis I am living with my family in the Netherlands, studying online, unable to work, not living in my apartment but still paying rent and not able to cancel my contract without a 2 month fee.

Emily Raven (Brussels, 2020-03-20)

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