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2013-10-11 22:00

Lee Vu was set up by his former roommate. Justice should be present everywhere, it does not have to be in any specific country. He is a good student, a big friend and his bright future cannot be ruined by a crime that he did not commit to.



2013-10-11 22:02

Lee Vu is a great man who deserves to stay and finishes his remaining studies. He is proved to be an innocent student so 18 months in US jail is pointless. #leemoetblijven



2013-10-12 10:31

It's a common thing to give computer password to your fellow roommate sometimes. Vu was just unlucky to had such a bad one. It would be stupid for the American to attempt to destroy this guy's future

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2013-10-12 10:37



2013-10-12 19:34

2013 - I hope education will be the winner!



2013-10-12 20:16

Unfortunately, that is unlikely to reverse an extradition. The allegation of Georgia Atlanta District Court seems appropriate. If not, file a motion against GA District Court for disruption of study or any cost he may suffered during the false trial.


2013-10-12 21:23

It is not our tasks to judge Lee, as we are not the court.
Our taks should is to help and support Lee and to convince the court, that Lee should be given the chance to finish his study first before he will go to the USA in order to defend himself during the trial. He already proved that he cooperate to investigarte the case and he is willing to also cooperate in the future. Gibe this young Vietnamese student the chance to have a better future and to postpone the extradition until his graduation next year.



2013-10-13 11:16

Lee deserves our help! Such a good guy and he's always in school. He should definitely get the chance to get his diploma first!!



2013-10-13 14:33

Trust him. Give him a chance to prove, surely he can work it out!!!



2013-10-13 14:45

He deserves his Bachelor Degree. Give him a chance to get it. Look at his future, with 18 months in US jail only for waiting the trial, it would become a tragedy for Lee if he could not even graduate after 3 years of being a hard-working student. Lee only needs 9 more months to graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Hotel Management. Why can't they postpone this extradition for only 9 months for him to finish his study and at the same time cooperate with Lee and Vietnamese Interpol in the case investigation?



2013-10-13 15:33

Lee deserves to be able to finish his studies, do not let his hard work be for nothing.

Also the Netherlands should realize, if they will extradict Lee to the US, he will sit in jail for 18 months, before having a trial. This is against article 6 of the human rights - the right to fair a trial. The right to a fair trial needs to be executed within a reasonable time and 18 months is not a reasonable time! Who is going to give him back that time, when he proved his innocence?

Lee fight for your rights, you have done nothing wrong and should not suffer any longer under the wrongdoings of some false person, who betrayed your trust!

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2013-10-13 15:52



2013-10-13 21:00

Lee deserves to receive help from people. He has worked hard for his degree, no reason for not letting him to have it.



2013-10-14 00:16

Any petition for arresting this Vietnamese scum?



2013-10-14 10:18

Good luck, everything will be fine if you are really innocent!

#16 Hey

2013-10-14 12:36

Chúc em gặp nhiều may mắn trong việc này .



2013-10-14 14:15

god be with u,and all nice people



2013-10-14 16:15

Don´t punish the innocent.



2013-10-14 17:45

I have met him personally and do not think that he did set up a fraud like this. No man should be victim to an ill will action like his room mate did to him !!

#20 lee should go the usa

2013-10-14 18:16

Lee lives in Netherlands but does not speak dutch. He speaks english. Kick him out of here and send him to america where he atleast can be understood.

#21 Re:

2013-10-14 18:16

#19: -

dat ie eerst maar nederlands leert, jongejonge


#22 Re:

2013-10-14 18:17

#14: -

hahaha let's start one



2013-10-14 18:17

Als alles al bekend is door zijn oude huisgenoot, waarom dan toch uitleveren????????


#24 Re: lee should go the usa

2013-10-14 18:20

#20: lalala - lee should go the usa

How could you be so wicked? I hope you are NOT dutch! Go away!


#25 Re:

2013-10-14 18:23

#23: -

This extradition was even out of anyone's expectation, even the lawyers. As the info in the facebook page stated, the States dont look at the evidence unless Lee is extradited to the USA. wth ?!?!