From the beginning of 2012 till 16th april there has been more than 100 people killed from Hazara community in Quetta, Pakistan. Is this not a genocide?

The execution of 26 Hazaras [after confirming their identities] in a tourist bus in Quetta, Pakistan on the 20th of
September 2011 is a further confirmation of the genocidal actions taken against the Hazara nation in the region. This tragic episode did not start here and will not finish herewith.  Less than one month ago 11 people died and 20 were injured while performing Eid-ul- Fiter pray in the mosque in Quetta because of a suicide action made by a terrorist carrying 500kg of explosives,. To end these cruel and  inhumane episodes we are writing a petition letter to the  President of Pakistan with
the demand to take action against the barbarities committed by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and stop the genocide of Hazara Nation.

For many centuries Hazara nation has been peacefully coexisting with other nations in the valley of Quetta. During the last decade the situation has been drastically changed with the arrival of the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorist movement, who began massive eradication of Hazaras. The situation is becoming worse day by day and the government is not playing any
active role in preventing similar terroristic attacks against Hazara minorities.

We, The Hazara nation of The Netherlands, call on the President of Pakistan to Stop the genocide of the Hazara nation in Quetta by

1. Stop target killings of Hazara civilians

2. Punish the culprit terrorists

3. Stop the threat messages and hatred pamphlets of Lashkar-e- Jhangvi

4. Promote Equal Human Rights

5. Ensure that Hazara people live free from violence, intimidation, and coercion

We call upon Mr. President, The International Human Rights and Peace Building Organisations, as well as all political, cultural, ethnic and religious organisations in such a way as to stop violence and intimidations against our People and help our Nation by changing fear into freedom.

We ask you to sign this petition to show the overwhelming public support to put an end to the genocide of Hazara nation. We also demand that the Pakistan Government apply pressure on the above-mentioned terrorist group in order to ensure that all Hazara civilians are not violently killed anymore.

Because we all are human beings and have the right to live

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