/ #13 Veiligheid fietsers - Manier waarop de burger behandeld wordt door de Politiek - Social Media

2013-11-27 19:30

I write this in English so that everybody can read my thoughts about this situation.

I work in the centre of Brussels and I go by bike . I live at the lake in Genval, still on the part of Overijse. Since the new traffic situation it's not dangerous anymore to cycle from Genval to Maleizen ... it became deadly dangerous!!! In the traffic jam ... I'm forced to ride my bike in the middle of the road to pass the cars that are blocked in traffic due to the fact that there are no bike lanes. It's also dangerous when cars are coming from the other side !! People are driving also more nervous than before to come to the Poelweg because nobody knows how much time they are going to lose this time. Last week the traffic jam reached till Boslaan !!

I also noticed the fact that the traffic lights are not adapted to the new situation in the centre of Maleizen, so if you try something new, make sure that everything is adapted !!

If this is a test situation for 6 months .... here is my message to the politicians that are responsible to this act.

In times of content marketing, we, the citizens are really fed up by the idea that we are used as guinea pigs to test out your possible solutions. The users of this new situation have already more information than most of those politicians. Why 6 months if you know it already in 1 month !! Because in those 6 months they have the time to check out the situation when they have the time ... they don't live in this situation !!!

I received the petition letter today in my mail box, big thumbs up for the people behind this initiative! I'm ready to launch this on the Social Media. I pass every morning this situation with my bike, so pics will follow !!

In the meanwhile ride on and be careful for the cyclists that use this dangerous road !!