Slow Science Manifesto

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2013-03-13 12:00

Meer dan ooit moeten we met deze visie de confrontatie durven aangaan. "Kennis is macht" en dat weten de leiders van de "kennisbedrijven" maar al te best wanneer zij de wetenschap willen privatiseren, monopoliseren en verduisteren.We moeten toch voorkomen dat de universitaire gemeenschap onder deze sloophamer sneuvelt...



2013-03-14 14:11

Een petitie die over wezenljke dingn gaat en die ik overtuigd onderteken. Ik zal haar ook verder mailen.
Monika b. van Paemel



2013-03-15 21:17

Een heel zinvol initiatief!



2013-03-16 01:04

For the sake of my children and grandchildren and for all future generations it is imperative to safeguard the quality of scientific research.



2013-03-18 19:11

ik onderschrijf deze petitie omdat ik vind dat wetenschap en onderwijs, om objectief te kunnen zijn, niet mogen gekoppeld worden aan economische of politieke belangen. De schadelijke gevolgen zijn door de ontwikkelingen van de laatste jaren al duidelijk te merken.

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2013-03-19 12:40



2013-04-02 18:01

In times, as we are living now, of wild neoliberalism, profit at all costs, privatization ans dehumanization of our society, this movement touches spot on in crucial aspects of science, teaching and R&D.



2013-07-13 11:13

Very timely. It is not likely that the situation will change without a dramatic political discontinuity. But researchers should add this and other contributions to the needed global change, furthermore to have a structured thought on how things should be run after the change (if ever...)



2013-08-24 21:48

Uitstekend' dat men in de klinische teksten in de conclusies "may be" " could be" weglaat en er blokven er niet veel meer over. Daarenboven zou men indien product a beter is dan product b, dit laatste van de markt moeten nemen. Er zijn nog veel meer opmerkingen,maar te weinig tijd om ze op te sommen.



2013-09-08 16:37

Enkel het aantal wetenschappelijke publicaties tellen is zinloos. Met het oog op meer innovatie is elk wetenschappelijk onderzoek daaromtrent zeer belangrijk.
Henk van Dijk

#12 Nobel Prize in transition...

2013-12-23 13:39

Alexis Carrel (Nobel Prize in Medicine 1912)

-THE REMAKING OF MAN- The error 'responsible for pur sufferings' comes from 'a wrong interpretation' of a genial idea of Galileo. Galileo, as is well known, distinguished the primary qualities of things, dimensions and weight, which are easily measurable, from their secondary qualities, form, color, odor, which cannot be measured. The quantitative was separated from the qualitative. The quantitative, expressed in mathematical language, brought science to humanity. The qualitative was neglected. The abstraction of the primary qualities of objects was legitimate. But the overlooking of the secondary qualities was not. This mistake had momentous consequences. In man, the things which are not measurable are more important than those which are measurable. The existence of thought is as fundamental as, for instance, the physicochemical equilibria of blood serum. The separation of the qualitative from the quantitative grew still wider when Descartes created the dualism of the body & the soul. Then, the manifestations of the mind became inexplicable. The material was definitely isolated from the spiritual. Organic structures & physiological mechanisms assumed a far greater reality than thought, pleasure, sorrow, and beauty. This error switched civilization to the road which led science to triumph and man to degradation...

Sir. Andre Geim (Nobel Prize in Physics 2010)

Sir. Andre Geim, Hij ergerde zich aan het verouderde Germanistische systeem op de Nederlandse universiteiten waar één hoogleraar de baas is in een vakgroep en de overige onder hem staan. Hij weigerde een langer verblijf in Nijmegen alsmede een aanstelling aan de Technische Universiteit Eindhoven en werd hoogleraar aan de Universiteit van Manchester. Hij is sinds februari 2010 als bijzonder hoogleraar verbonden aan het Instituut voor Moleculen en Materialen van de Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen. Sinds 2007 maakt hij deel uit van de Britse Royal Society. In 2009 ontving hij eredoctoraten van de TU Delft en de ETH Zürich. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010: was awarded jointly to Andre Geim & Konstantin Novoselov "for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene"

Elizabeth Blackburn (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2009)

Elizabeth Blackburn's dramatic laboratory discovery made her a scientific superstar & launched a burgeoning cancer research field. Yet it's not her lauded laboratory work that has led to her recent renown in the scientific community. These days, Blackburn is better known as the outspoken advocate of human embryonic stem cell research and therapeutic cloning whom the Bush administration fired from the President's Council on Bioethics last month. The 55-year-old scientist has become a cause celebre for many researchers who complain that the White House's science policy is distorted by politics.

Jan Myrdal (born 19 July 1927 in Bromma, Stockholm) is a Swedish author, leftist-political writer and columnist. He is an honorary doctor of literature at Upsala College in New Jersey, US, and a PhD at Nankai University in Tianjin in China. He has lived at various times in the United States, Afghanistan, Iran and India. He is the son of the Social Democrats and Nobel Laureates Alva Myrdal and Gunnar Myrdal; he broke completely with both at an early age for personal reasons while keeping them in esteem for their public achievements. He was married to Gun Kessle, a photographer, graphic artist and writer, until her death in 2007. She illustrated many of his works.



2015-04-03 11:56

The issue of the humanities as a means of superficial and commercially inspired comment on what happens in society is a menace in the whole of Europe. At the moment there is a lot of political pressure in Poland in favor of adopting the model of the neoliberal university. It is still possible to resist!



2016-08-27 08:56

Omdat, ik mijzelf als onderzoeker herken in de voorgestelde punten en het zelf waar mogelijk ook in praktijk breng.