Forbid all Non Government Organizations (NGO), they are not a democratic institution!

Dear all, 

All over the world we can see that the most influential government organization are the NGO's (Non Government Organization). I.e WHO World Health Organization, WEF World Economic Forum, BIS Bank of International Settlements, IMF International Monetary Fund and so on. They are mostly governed by people who are working in the industry the NGO field of work, but they're internally selected by a board of directors. Therefor no democratic voting system has to be involved in the selection of there strengts. It's a internal carrousel with people who take over each other's roles, this is one of the reasons it will never involve people/citizens with new ideas. We select our governments all over the world, the place you live in, the state governments and so on, but have no election capabilities in hand to have a vote in all of this. Therefor this petition is to 'Forbid' all NGO's. Thank you for signing this petition. 

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Door te ondertekenen, machtig ik Rick Oosterbos om de informatie die ik op dit formulier verstrek, over te dragen aan degenen die macht hebben over deze kwestie.


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We zullen uw e-mailadres niet openbaar online weergeven.

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