Please help me to get my birds back ūüė•

1 may 2022 I was meaning to have a transport to the UK.

Because I decided to end with the breed American show racer I had contact some breeders to buy them.  For 2 breeders in the UK I had together 17 birds. 

For transport I had contact with a pigeon transport/ quarantaine company from the Netherlands. I asked if she knew a transport for m me to the UK.  She gave me a number from a guy what living in the UK.  I did one transportfrom the UK to my place and he delivered me the 4 birds I bought from the UK so I saw no problems.

Now I asked him again to do a transport for me the bring a part from my best American show racer to the new breeders. He told me he couldn't get them because of back problems but his niece could come to get them and deliver them the same day to London.  

Few ours later the organiser from the transport contact me that his niece and her husband where hold standing still by the police. The transport guy said I didn't had to worry that he al got the good paper work. 

But later in that day I heard that nothing was ok√© with the transport.¬† That they didn't had the right p papers to transport and they also had tropical birds in their car ( I heard later that where 415 tropical ūüė≥¬† birds)

The police took all the birds and also my pigeons.

When they came here there car was empty and the put my birds in box. Each bird in a single official Karton transport box. 

They took all the birds because they didn't had any proof of the birds and no transport licence and the transport vehicle wasn't good they said..

After few ours they went off to the UK without my birds.  

The birds where taken to an animal rescue. They take care of them now and justice will decide or I'll get them back but probably not..

Help me to sign this petition to get the birds back

I didn't know something about illegal transport 

Maybe this would help something 

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