Steun Jitse Akse

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2016-01-15 21:48

Justice voor Jitse !


Immigrate to Canada

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2016-01-17 19:22:49

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 Those bastards took your passport??? Let them shove it where the Sun dont shine. Time for Friesland to go independent or for you to request political Asylum in Canada. WELCOME TO CANADA!

Request refugee status in Canada Jitse. Youll be Canada's gain and The Netherlands loss like so many KNIL soldiers left NL before you! Do Political Asylum. If thats too far away ask for Asylum in Germany based on escaping a Dutch government that apparently supports ISIS and does not want the ISIS friends of The Hague hurt! 

Go for it JITSE: ASK REFUGEE STATUS in CANADA. Canada welcomes heroes and you can keep supporting the YPG. The publicity for the poor honorable YPG will also be constructive & positive. God Bless  

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